Area 21 Episode 9 ft. Kristin of ExBreastYourself

April 15, 2017

Episode 9 coming to you later in the week than normal, but we got plenty for you.

-We hand out some usual fuck yous

-Canada will be the move

-RIP Charlie Murphy


-We tackle Musical Misogyny in the discussion and more!!!


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Area 21 on One w/ Kristin of ExBreastYourself

April 14, 2017

King Friday & Blaque Buttaflyy have an in depth convo with Kristin aka "Mother Nature" of ExBreastYourself. She gives us major insight into her business and vision, and there is plenty of education along the way. Enjoy! #Area21onOne #Area21Podcast


Area 21 Episode 8

April 5, 2017

Epsiode 8 is magical!!!

We talk about

- New shipment of wyt tears

- This week's strain

- Pepsi

- Suge's new confession

- How to protect your magic & more!!!


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Area 21 Episode 7 w/ Soapy Faith

March 30, 2017

Episode 7 is here! 

- We give out a few f**k yous

- Blac Chyna tripping

- Heart to heart with wypipo

- #BlackWomenAtWork and more!!!




Area 21 on One w/ Soapy Faith

March 30, 2017

King Friday has a chat with the "Sisters Behind the Suds", Brittney & Krystal. We discuss everything from their business to the personal struggles and triumphs up to present day. This interview is truly a testimony so pay attention.

IG - @SoapyFaith


Area 21 Episode 6

March 23, 2017

Episode 6 has landed and the crew is back with more real.


- RHOA Elderly abuse

- The new Yeezy Velvets

- Grown up talk and more!!!



Area 21 Episode 5 ft. Tye Maurice

March 16, 2017

This week on Area 21:

- We come up with a plan to get Golden Tate out of the sunken place.

- A. Milli hits us with the sip & sit along with a special guest.

- Blaque Buttaflyy keeps our fashion in check.


Area 21 on One w/ Tye Maurice

March 16, 2017

The Area 21 crew sit down for a one on one with singer/songwriter Tye Maurice. We discuss everything from his latest EP "Waves" to his perspective on the current state of the industry.

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-Area 21 on One-


Area 21 Episode 4

March 9, 2017

Episode 4


-King Friday introduces his new segment "Herban Landscape"

    -Cannabis Industry Job Outlook

    -Orgasm weed

-We celebrate #InternationalWomensDay

-Nike being inclusive

-Spring looks from Flyy Girl Fashions

-TI & Tiny drama

-Big Worm whooping ass

and more!!!!


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King Friday Area 21 Promo

February 28, 2017